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Effortless communication that really flies!

Increase efficiency, save time and cut costs with the most complete laser fax for dynamic corporate environments. High speed performance for heavy duty faxing as well as convenient copying and the option for fast network printing provides unparalleled productivity.

The L3000/L3000iP is the ideal choice for organisations and departments who need a machine that will really fly. The Canon L3000/L3000iP opens new horizons for high volume faxing. Featuring intelligent functions to speed up and simplify overall document management.

Enhance productivity

The durable design of the L3000/L3000iP makes it ideal for rapid and reliable high-volume faxing. The large standard paper capacity of 500 sheets reduces the need for constant paper refilling and a huge standard memory of 512 pages for the L3000 and 1500 pages for the L3000iP can store both your incoming and outgoing faxes.

The Dual Access function allows the machine to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It means users can either scan into memory or program the machine while sending or receiving a fax, or print while sending a fax from memory.

Superior image quality

Whether you're faxing fine text, diagrams or even photographs, you can rely on Canon's exclusive UHQ (Ultra High Quality) technology for superior transmission, ensuring extra depth and clarity for all your detailed work. A maximised print resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi (enhanced) offers equally high quality for all incoming faxes.

Duplex printing

You can easily switch between double-sided (duplex) printing and single-sided (simplex) printing. The L3000/L3000iP achieves maximum productivity by printing two-sided output, reducing wastage and maintaining its 22 image-per-minute output speed. Duplex capability not only gives you additional flexibility when creating documents, it also reduces the amount of paper consumed, thereby decreasing supply costs.

Cut phone and labour costs

Keep your phone and labour costs down to a minimum, thanks to ultra fast Super G3 transmission. Printing speed is a rapid 22 pages per minute, delivering your faxes instantly. Plus up to 200 (80 one touch/120 coded) fax numbers can be stored in memory in the L3000 and up to 500 (80 one touch/420coded) fax numbers can be stored in the L3000iP for fast dialling.

Save time with JBIG technology

This compression technology reduces fax file size so transmission times are shorter, and resulting line charges are lower (when sending via a Super G3).

JBIG is the latest ITU-T compression standard, and compresses image data more efficiently than conventional Modified Modified Read (MMR) compression. Especially helpful when transmitting halftone images, JBIG technology reduces transmission time by reducing the amount of information travelling over the phone line.

Remote user interface

Through Canon’s standard feature, selected users can check with job status, add new users and more, all in real time from standard web browser.

High volume paper capacity

An optional 500-sheet paper cassette for the L3000 takes the total paper supply up to 1100 sheets. Simply add it on whenever you want – to meet the most demanding needs for high volume faxing and printing in the future.

Benefit from networking scanning

Standard on the L3000iP, the 400dpi scanning facility allows users to scan documents to an email address or to a server. Whether archiving documents to a database, such as Canon imageWARE, or distributing a paper document to multiple recipients, this function makes scanning simple, and adds more value to your investment.

Share information with Colour Send

The optional Colour Send feature makes sharing information fast, secure and inexpensive by eliminating the expense of printing, sending and storing paper documents. Communication becomes super clear and vibrant.

Efficiency through internet faxing

With the L3000iP connected directly to your existing network, you can take advantage of internet faxing. iFAX transmissions allow users to bypass costly telephone line and infrastructure charges that would normally be accrued through using existing telephone lines. Because the L3000iP uses the data lines of existing computer networks, no telephone line charges traditionally associated with a PBX system are incurred, presenting excellent value. There is no incremental cost for each Internet fax transmission, even for long distance or international faxes.

Traditional G3 fax transmissions are constrained by the top speed of the PSTN, which currently supports a maximum of 33,600 bps. Because the L3000iP is connected to a LAN via a 10/100BaseT interface, documents transmitted as e-mail attachments can be sent at speeds hundreds of times faster than conventional faxes over PSTN lines.

Another function of iFAX is simultaneous, versus sequential data transmission. When sending a fax to multiple recipients, everyone receives the data at the same time as opposed to several hours delay when using broadcasting features to send G3 faxes to large numbers of recipients.

More than just a fax

Once you connect the L3000/L3000iP to your existing network it is more than ‘just a fax’ – it’s a flexible document distribution system*. With multiple functionality – Super G3 faxing, iFax**, PC Fax, local and network printing, network scanning and copying – you can be confident the L3000/L3000iP will handle your department’s needs with ease.

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